Watershare® Membership

Watershare® members are part of a family of trusted and highly reputable institutes. Moreover, their membership and access to the Watershare® Suite of tools offers them the opportunity to build an attractive business model. Naturally, they remain completely independent, decide on their own IP policies, and are free to collaborate with any other party in pursuing their interests.

Watershare® Tools

Within Watershare® selected partner knowledge institutes from all over the world share in the use of expert water-related tools. In this way, the institutes can draw on each other’s expertise, experience and networks, and thus work together in promoting societies that are healthy and sustainable.

Watershare® Cases

The Watershare® Suite includes a variety of tools. Thanks to these tools, Watershare® members are in a position to better serve their end-user clients – such as water companies, utilities, municipalities and waterboards – so that these, in turn, can effectively meet the water needs of the people of their countries. Learn more about the Watershare Tools used in different cases.

Watershare® News

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Launching the Subsurface Water Solutions Community of Practice

At the 2016 IWA Congress in Brisbane, Watershare will be launching the Subsurface Water Solutions Community of Practice. Several Watershare partners – including KIST (South Korea), Victoria (Mexico) and KWR – will collaborate in this community on innovative, practical concepts for advanced freshwater management in coastal areas, with the objective of protecting, recharging and sustainably exploiting groundwater resources. The celebratory launch will take place at the Watershare stand on Monday, 10 October. We start at 16.45 and finish with a toast. You are cordially invited to attend the launch.

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Visit Dr. Kangwoo Cho to KWR

Dr. Kangwoo of KIST visited KWR on the 22nd of August for a presentation of his research and discussion with KWR experts. Dr. Cho has previously won a prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates Grant for the development of a wastewater treatment system that incorporates an electrolysis cell for on-site wastewater treatment. This was also the topic of his talk at KWR. Electrolysis results in disinfection and degradation of organic compounds, which was first established in lab-scale experiments followed by demonstration projects in India and China.

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Watershare Community of Practice Emerging Substances officially launched

Watershare has launched its first Watershare Community of Practice, which is dedicated to Emerging Substances, at the Singapore International Water Week. Prior to the launch, on 8 and 9 July, the Watershare members held a workshop in Singapore, which was hosted by PUB. During the official launch of the Community of Practice Emerging Substances, the results of the workshop were explained by the participants and the four work packages were presented: Analytical methods and lab facilities; Implementing the AbatES tool; Sharing experiences on microbial and chemical risk assessment; and Prioritization schemes for Emerging Substances.

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Workshop on Groundwater Monitor in Flanders

Hosted by VITO in Antwerp, Jos von Asmuth (KWR) organised a second workshop on the Groundwater Monitor tool for Watershare members VITO, VLM and De Watergroep in Flanders or Flemish-speaking Belgium. Whereas the workshop in April focused on introducing the tool to KWB and CTM, participants at the workshop in Antwerp, who are already familiar with the tool, also presented their own applications. KWR, meanwhile, presented recent work on the further development, improvement and expansion of the functionality of the Groundwater Monitor, which will lead to a new, more generic and more integrated tool named HydroMonitor, with modules for data quality and management (HydroData), time-series analysis (HydroTimes), water quality (HydroChemistry) and spatial modelling (HydroSpace).

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Watershare partner Victoria visits KWR and Oasen for paradigm shift in the design of water supply systems in Mexico

Watershare partner Victoria visits KWR and Oasen for paradigm shift in the design of water supply systems in Mexico

Last week Raúl Mejorada and Blanca Larios, top executives of Watershare partner Victoria visited KWR and water supply company Oasen to discuss opportunities to improve current design practices for water supply systems in Mexico. In many regions in Mexico these supply systems are fragmented and largely over dimensioned. This leads to unnecessary high costs and low levels of reliability. Also the water quality at the consumer’s tap is negatively affected.

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Japan Water Research Center

New Watershare member, Japan Water Research Center, Japan

Japan Water Research Center president prof. dr. Shinichiro Ohgaki and KWR CEO Wim van Vierssen have signed the Watershare membership agreement. With its Silver membership Japan Water Research Center (JWRC) enters the Watershare community.

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KWB and CTM attend workshop on Groundwater Monitor

Hella Schwarzmüller (KWB) and Irene Jubany i Güell (CTM) attended the first Watershare® Groundwater Monitor workshop, organized by Jos van Asmuth (KWR). During the two day workshop detailed insight was given in the functioning of the Groundwater Monitor tool, the scientific background and the opportunities for application in projects.

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KIST and KWR collaborate on ASR in saline aquifers

To follow up collaboration within Watershare® Pieter Stuyfzand and Gerard van den Berg of KWR visited the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Seoul. March 22 KWR participated in a dedicated workshop on aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) application in saline aquifers.

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New Watershare member: Victoria, Mexico

Victoria Director Raúl Mejorada González and KWR CEO Wim van Vierssen have signed the Watershare membership agreement. With its Silver membership Victoria again strengthens its ties with KWR (dating from when KWR was Kiwa), and now also with other Watershare partners. ‘We look forward to collaborating with Victoria, sharing knowledge and the application of the Watershare tools,’ says Van Vierssen.

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Watershare® Members

  • kwrwater.nl

    The Netherlands – KWR Watercycle Research Institute assists society in optimally organising and managing the water cycle by: creating knowledge through top-quality research, building bridges between science, business and society, promoting societal innovation by applying the best knowledge available.

  • ntua.gr

    Greece – The National Technical University (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. It is closely linked with Greece’s struggle for independence, democracy and social progress.

  • vito.be

    Belgium – As independent and customer-oriented research organisation, VITO provides innovative technological solutions as well as scientifically based advice and support in order to stimulate sustainable development and reinforce the economic and social fabric of Flanders.

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  • pub.gov.sg

    Singapore – PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It is the water agency that manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way.

  • wrc.org.za

    South Africa – The WRC Vision is to have highly informed water decision-making through science and technology at all levels, in all stakeholder groups, and innovative water solutions through research and development for South Africa, Africa and the world. To be a global water knowledge node and South Africa’s premier water knowledge hub active across the Innovation Value Chain.

  • go.bath.ac.uk

    United Kingdom – The Water Innovation and Research Centre at the University of Bath (WIRC @ Bath), launched in collaboration with Wessex Water, provides a unique environment to engage globally in research and policy on water technologies and resource management. The centre comprises multidisciplinary research teams, with wide expertise in the natural sciences and engineering, as well as in social, economic and political sciences, in policy, and in business management. Our research is divided into five core themes that tackle the fundamental issues surrounding water: water treatment; water resources; water management; water and public health; and water, environment and infrastructure resilience.

Member Information and Benefits

Sharing members’ tools in the Watershare® Suite

Governments the world over bear the heavy responsibility of supplying their populations with safe drinking water and treating their sewerage and wastewater appropriately. Unfortunately, the water sectors charged with these tasks tend to be very fragmented. Watershare® offers the tools for dealing with the increasingly large, complex and often global challenges facing the water sector today.

The Watershare® concept is about the active sharing of water sector knowledge and experience. Tools are developed for the purpose of solving practical problems and then made available through the Watershare® suite.

Watershare® members (Gold and Platinum) can, under specific conditions, upload their own expert water-related tools in the Suite, thus making their knowledge available to other Watershare® members. The Watershare® members’ uploaded tools naturally must be accompanied by the necessary manuals, practice cases, training and references. Watershare® members that upload a tool in the Suite will of course provide advice on its use if another Watershare® member requests it. In this way, a true, two-way dynamic of knowledge sharing is created. Watershare® network is made up of experts who provide and receive advice on the practical use of the tools a clear and sound foundation for collaboration.

“Vito is a proponent of the development of international knowledge networks and of tackling water sector problems with a collaborative, cross-border approach. When a research group is seeking a solution to a problem, it can search the knowledge network for a tool that might help.

Thanks to Watershare, it can get a more rapid, complete and clear picture of the existing tools. This helps us to better answer our research questions and those of our clients in Belgium.”

Roger Dijkmans,  director Vito