Applying global expertise to local water challenges

Watershare is about the active sharing of knowledge and experience among its members. The members’ working models and methods, based on solid science and with practical track records, are developed into benchmarked, user-friendly tools.



Subsurface Water Solutions

Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) provide innovative, practical concepts for advanced freshwater management, with the common objective of protecting, enlarging and sustainably utilizing fresh groundwater resources.


Future-Proof Water Infrastructures

To provide operational and research entities in the water sector with competences and tools supporting the implementation of proven and innovative approaches.


Resilient Urban Water Management

The Resilient Urban Water Management Community of Practice concerns itself with identifying the main water challenges that cities face today and in the future, attempts to understand and benchmark how well the urban water cycle is managed.


Emerging Substances

To exchange knowledge on detection, modelling, risks and treatment options of new chemical and microbial pollution. This knowledge will be used for tailored total water safety plans, based on operational and practical test cases.


Resource Recovery & Upcycling

Managing our resources is a key factor in the Circular Economy. The water sector is highly motivated to contribute to this challenge.

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Welcome to Watershare

Theo van den Hoven

Programme director Watershare





Dresden Nexus Conference with session Assessing Resilience at the City Level: Methods, Frameworks, Models, and Tools.


LESAM 2017, IWA Leading Edge Conference on Strategic Asset management of water and wastewater infrastructures in Trondheim.



Watershare Annual Meeting at the office of Watershare partner Water Research Commission (WRC), South-Africa.


The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is the platform for new alliances and fresh ideas: connecting industry, science, business, policy and technology.


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