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Screencap: Cellulose recovery from wastewater

Screencap Screencap is an EU funded project demonstrating at full scale a promising finescreen technology to recover suspended solids including cellulose from waste water on the basis of particle size. Finescreens have potentially significant advantages in comparison with existing solid separation technologies based on density differences. Screencap adapts, installs and ...
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Learning from best practices on resource recovery from water

Best Practices Resource Recovery from Water Learning from Best Practices on Resource Recovery from Water Driven by environmental, economic, and ecological benefits, resource recovery from waste has started to draw attention worldwide. Recovering resources from water and wastewater can provide an alternative and economically viable source of resources supporting the ...
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High-value reuse of lime pellets from drinking water production

High-value reuse of lime pellets from drinking water production About half of the drinking water in the Netherlands is softened in pellet reactors. This technology generates a residual in the form of lime pellets, which consist of a sand nucleus (seed material) and a shell of calcium carbonate (lime). This ...
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Demoware: Water Reuse in Europe

Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector Europe’s water resources are increasingly under stress, and this situation has encouraged more active consideration of alternative water sources as a strategic option to supplement water supplies and protect natural resources. However, the ability of Europe’s communities of taking ...
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Production and application of granular aquafer

Production and application of granular aquafer Every year in the Netherlands about 95,000 tons of aquafer is generated (62,000 tons of liquid aquafer and 33,000 tons of dewatered aquafer). Reststoffenunie (now AquaMinerals) disposes of this water company residual and finds outlets for it in a variety of applications, such as ...
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Innovative phosphorus recovery technologies

P-REX P-REX is a recently completed EU funded project demonstrating novel and current technical solutions for phosphorus recovery and recycling. Based on real operational data their performance and feasibility was systematically assessed and validated, as well as the quality of obtained recycling products. Together with the analysis of the market ...
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Practicing sports on lime pellets

Practicing sports on lime pellets The Dutch company Henko recently began using lime pellets from the water industry in its artificial turf. Henko specialises in laying and gluing artificial turf, and is active both in and outside of the Netherlands. The lime pellets are used as filler, and ensure the ...
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Nutrient and energy recovery from sewage: towards an integrated approach

Nutrient and energy recovery from sewage: towards an integrated approach The provided an overview on analysis of nutrient flows, particularly of phosphate, with a comprehensive review of nutrient recovery technologies. An illustration of various case studies of wastewater treatment plants that adopted nutrient recovery methods and comparing the selected onsite ...
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Sustainable Airport Cities

Sustainable Airport Cities Schiphol Airport spread fertilizer granules on its grassland that were recovered from wastewater from the toilets from airplanes. The wastewater has been treated in a pilot struvite reactor at the airport's wastewater treatment plant (wwtp) that is operated by Evides Industrial Water. Given the low concentrations of ...
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