Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Hub aims to improve water security and decision-making in the region through facilitation of water and sanitation research, development and innovation (RDI), and knowledge and innovation products (guidelines, protocols and tools) uptake.

The Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Hub will establish communities of practice (CoP) for the various stakeholder groups contributing in the water RDI value chain. It will also coordinate engagements and events to identify the region’s water and sanitation RDI needs and share existing knowledge and solutions. To encourage knowledge sharing and joint learning, the regional hub will convene conversations with experts and thought leaders to engage on topical water-related issues affecting the region and other developing countries.

The regional hub will partner with the key stakeholders in the region including the other Watershare regional hubs to establish multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary networks to facilitate uptake and scale-up of the knowledge products to build resilience and improve decision making and adaptability of the water sector.

The regional hub focuses on the following areas:

  • Access to fundamental human rights and needs – water security, food security, energy security, water quality and proper sanitation for all.
  • Capacity Building – contribute to strengthening the regions water sector individual and institutional capacities through short training programmes.
  • Events and activities such as technical workshops, dialogues, seminars, lectures, and roadshows to facilitate knowledge sharing, joint learning and generation of new knowledge that will benefit the region’s water sector.
  • Research and Development – facilitate new knowledge generation through research projects jointly funded with interested partners.
  • Innovation Cooperation – promote co-creation, uptake and sharing of innovative solutions (technological and non-technological) that address the region and the broader Africa continent’s challenges.
  • Promoting women and youth involvement in addressing and finding solutions to the region’s water challenges.

WRC is a member of over 30 strategic water and sanitation policy and RDI networks, CoPs and other platforms in Africa and internationally. WRC has formal and informal partnerships with stakeholders in the water value chain ranging from financial, policy, knowledge and solution providers and other implementation partners.

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Hub Coordinator:

Mamohloding Tlhagale

Water Research Commission (WRC)