Netherlands and Flanders

The Netherlands and Flanders Regional Hub focuses on the the Joint Research programme (BTO) with the Dutch and Flemish water utilities research projects carried out through a process of co-makership. The focus of the programme is on the application of results in the national and regional context of the water utilities.

Watershare, through the Netherlands and Flanders Regional Hub, will contribute to BTO by providing horizon scanning for the sector, mobilisation of international knowledge and practical experiences, and opportunities for collaboration between utilities and research institutes worldwide.

The regional hub will focus on the following areas:

  • Subprogrammes: Water quality, sustainable water production, climate change, asset management, treatment technology, Circular Economy and measurement methods
  • Eight Thematic Subprogrammes:
    1. Sources and environment
    2. Treatment
    3. Distribution
    4. Biological safety
    5. Chemical safety
    6. Integrated Asset Management
    7. Hydroinformatics
    8. Clients (water utility customers and industrial clients)

Netherlands and Flanders Regional Hub Co-Coordinator:


Other Co-Coordinators of the regional hub include: Anne Mathilde Hummelen (Programme Manager BTO), Dorien Kool (programme manager of DPWE, the joint research programme of the Dutch dune water utilities, Dunea, PWN, Waternet and Evides) and Mariëlle van der Zouwen (Management Team: International Development of BTO programmes)

Gerard van den Berg

KWR Water Research Institute (KWR)