Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean

The Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Hub aims to build strong relations between the local water authorities and universities, and other countries in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean regions by organising webinars and meetings to share knowledge and innovations.

With CERIDES’ experience on risk assessment and management, the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Hub will address challenges for water supplies and infrastructures due to population growth, increased water demand, climate change, and the ageing and security issues of critical water infrastructures.

The regional hub will focus on the following areas:

  • Civil protection, occupational safety and health
  • Security (Smart Policing and Border Control)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Process Safety
  • Disaster Resilience
  • Health and water: Anti-microbial resistance and pandemics

CERIDES focuses on developing, using, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative methods to measure, assess, manage, and communicate risk and analyse, design, and implement decision-making mechanisms and systems.

The main interests of CERIDES focus on two areas, risk and decision science, with an application to areas such as security, safety, cybersecurity, telecommunications, critical infrastructure protection, and industrial processes.

CERIDES employs an interdisciplinary team from several scientific fields such as public health, computer science, engineering, and medicine. CERIDES collaborates with local authorities (e.g., fire service), companies (e.g., VTTi, Additess) and government agencies (Department of Labour Inspection, Civil Protection) and ministries (Foreign Affairs, Defence, Health).

Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Hub Coordinator:

George Boustras

Centre of Excellence in Risk and Decision Science (CERIDES)