Lower Danube River Basin

The Lower Danube River Basin Regional Hub will function as a network of local water hubs in the region, covering Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

The Danube River Basin is an excellent environment for the cooperation of water stakeholders with potential local organisations in different osectors such as meteorological, health, social life, energy, transport, etc. The main goal of the Lower Danube River Basin Regional Hub is to improve the cooperation in partnerships between various stakeholders along the river and to connect and exchange knowledge with international water sector experts.

Topics of interest include:

  • Identification of water stakeholders ( water utilities, local administrations, R&D, NGOs) and their development processes in each of the local hubs(separate for each country)
  • Identify and engage stakeholders from different related water sectors( agri-food, energy, transport, etc) and create matrix activities at each country level.

The reginal hub will focus on the following activities:

  • Creation of local ‘’bottom-up’’ approach in local hubs by inviting citizens to co-participate in water development projects.
  • Development of nature based solution (NBS) concepts along the Romanian territory, in connection with agri-food stakeholders
  • Training of local stakeholders in circular economy solutions for their respective needs
  • Co-creation of local sustainable development water processes/projects within Romanian sustainable strategy implementation framework.
  • Presentation of various demo-cases in regional, national or international promotional events( Danube Water Forum, etc.)

Lower Danube River Basin Regional Hub Coordinator:

Ciprian Nanu

Business Development Group (BDGroup)