Latin America

The Watershare Latin American hub will function as a bridge between regional and international activities and know-how. Our ambition is to be involved in as many water-related organizations in the region as possible.

The Latin American Regional Hub focuses on the following areas:

  1. Platforms to facilitate the implementation of innovations
  2. Trend-Spotting and review of actualities and policies/laws affecting the water sector
  3. Conversion of local water companies into exporters
  4. On-site sanitation solutions
  5. Epidemiological Surveillance through water (WBE)
  6. Expansion of services in popular neighbourhoods/slums
  7. Challenges of climate change, impact on water quality and availability
  8. International cooperation program in areas of water stress and humanitarian crisis
  9. Prevention of conflicts between countries and provinces related to water
  10. Water footprint and international water trade
  11. Women Who Water the World


If you would like to get in touch with the Regional Hub in Latin America, please contact the Regional Hub Leader, Gonzalo Meschengieser.

Gonzalo Meschengieser
International Relations Manager, AySA

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