Watershare welcomes ANEAS to the network

May 23, 2024

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On 25 April 2024, the National Association of Water and Sanitation Entities of Mexico (ANEAS) joined as a Watershare partner. ANEAS is a distinguished non-profit civil association in Mexico with over 40 years of experience, committed to providing technical support to improve operation and maintenance of water systems in Mexico.

At the helm of ANEAS is José Lara Lona (pictured right); President of the Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization. A civil engineering graduate from the University of Guanajuato, Lara Lona currently serves as the Director of the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage Board of Irapuato (JAPAMI). His extensive background also includes pivotal roles as Director and Counselor of the Municipal System of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Guanajuato (SIMAPAG). Throughout his career, Lara Lona has held influential positions at CONAGUA and ANEAS, making significant contributions to the advancement of Mexico’s water and sanitation sector.

What can ANEAS bring to Watershare and what is ANEAS looking for?

ANEAS brings valuable contributions to Watershare through its regional expertise, best practices sharing, capacity-building support, policy advocacy efforts, and innovative solutions. With a deep understanding of water and sanitation challenges in Mexico and Latin America, ANEAS provides insights into issues such as water scarcity, pollution, infrastructure development, and governance. Collaborating with Watershare enhances ANEAS’s support for water and sanitation service operators by providing access to knowledge, tools, and resources to improve operations and better serve communities. ANEAS seeks to foster skills development, promote water conservation, and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders for a sustainable water future through this partnership with Watershare.

What do you see as the major opportunities for Watershare?

Collaborating with ANEAS offers Watershare significant opportunities to enhance its impact in key areas such as regional expertise, best practices sharing, capacity building support, policy advocacy efforts, and innovative solutions. ANEAS’s deep knowledge of water and sanitation challenges in Mexico and Latin America, coupled with its commitment to capacity building and policy advocacy, makes it an invaluable partner for Watershare in advancing sustainable water management practices and achieving shared goals on a global scale.

What is ANEAS ambition as a Watershare partner?

As a partner of Watershare, ANEAS has ambitious goals aimed at advancing sustainable water management both within Mexico and globally. ANEAS aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices among Watershare members, contributing to collective learning and fostering innovation in water management practices. Additionally, ANEAS aspires to be a regional leader in promoting sustainable water management practices in Latin America. Through its partnership with Watershare, ANEAS aims to amplify its advocacy efforts and influence policy decisions at the national and regional levels, advocating for policies and regulations that support water conservation, improve water quality, and ensure equitable access to water and sanitation services. In summary, ANEAS’s ambition as a Watershare partner is to contribute its expertise, resources, and networks to advance sustainable water management efforts regionally and globally, playing a proactive role in addressing water challenges and improving the well-being of communities in Mexico and beyond.

Patricia Hernandez (General Director of ANEAS) and Dragan Savić (CEO of KWR)