Watershare Interviews – Rupali Deshmukh introduces IVL Sweden

December 6, 2021

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Can you introduce IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute?

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute was jointly founded in 1966 by the Swedish state and national business interests with a view of carrying out research on industrial air and water issues. Today we are an environmental agency concentrating on much more than that. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has a broad environmental profile. Unlike many other players, we combine applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is based in Sweden but our clients and customers are found all over the world. We undertake research projects and contract assignments in the entire environmental field. At IVL environmental experts, engineers, social scientists, economists, and behavioral scientists work together. This enables us to work holistically and tailor each assignment to the customer’s needs. The goal is to help clients develop resource- and cost-effective solutions that contribute towards a sustainable society. The broad scope of IVL’s activities, combined with its multidisciplinary approach, enables IVL to offer its customers holistic solutions, as well as answers to highly specific problems. Our core values are credibility, foresight and a holistic perspective. Our vision is a sustainable society. We are driving the transition to this sustainable society by transforming science into reality, environmental problems into opportunities and linear processes into a circular economy.

With whom from your organisation are you taking part in Watershare?

My Colleague Staffan Filipsson and I (Rupali Deshmukh) will participate in watershare activities from IVL.

What can IVL bring to Watershare and what is IVL looking for?

We work with the entire water system. IVL’s researchers have followed the development of our watercourses, lakes and seas since the 1960s. Today, our scope reaches from advanced water flow measurement to identifying sources of emissions and developing municipal and industrial water treatment and water reuse.

In our facility Hammarby Sjöstadsverk in Stockholm, we develop technologies for water reuse and purified drainage. . The R&D facility Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is a platform for development and exchange of knowledge and technologies in water treatment and related environmental technology and forms the basis for Sweden Water Innovation Centre – SWIC. Sjöstadsverket promotes cooperation among companies, experts/researchers and municipal sewage works to meet future challenges in the water and wastewater sector and to increase the export of Swedish knowledge and technology. https://sjostad.ivl.se/Sjostadsverket/english/hammarby-sjostadsverk.html

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is responsible for Smart City Sweden, the national export and investment platform for smart and sustainable city solutions. The Smart City Sweden initiative, located in Hammarby Sjöstad is funded partly by the Swedish Government through the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Swedish Energy Agency, and partly by the industry and business promoting networks. https://smartcitysweden.com/

At our Testbed Storsudret we develop decentralised, sustainable systems for water supply in dry areas. The testbed is equipped with real-time sensors for rain, surface water flows and groundwater levels, covering a large area. The data is used for research projects but will also be used for active control of the water balance in the testbed. In addition, Testbed Storsudret is also equipped with pilots for membrane filtration of reuse of sewage and treatment of challenging surface waters. https://www.ivl.se/english/ivl/project/storsudret.html

We can assist with outreach activities and spreading knowledge through our offices and network in India, China,  Hammarby Sjöstadsverk and SmartCity Sweden.

IVL has good network at all the levels (Including with research institutes, universities, state and central ministries etc) and local offices in India and China. With our network, we can help watershare to connect with relevant stakeholders develop regional hub in India.

IVL want to connect with global water leaders through watershare to develop sustainable water solutions and work with them on SDG

What do you see as the major opportunities for Watershare in 2021-2022

To develop watershare network in India and work on projcets(EU or local commercial projects) together with watershare members around globe

What are your ambitions as a Watershare partner?

Contribute to  the achievement of SDG 6 worldwide.