KWB and partners will prepare solutions promoting water reuse in BOOST-IN

January 26, 2024

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The effects of climate change have brought new challenges to water management in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, while droughts limit water usage, particularly for irrigation. According to predictions, water scarcity will become even more severe in the future. In this context, water reuse is seen as a key solution to reduce the pressure on water resources, and it is becoming increasingly important to local, regional, and even transnational stakeholders.

This new EU project BOOST-IN will develop and implement a strategy that promotes the types of technological changes, governance schemes, shifts in mindset and organisational structures the water sector needs to become circular. This will be achieved through an effective transfer of innovative circular economy solutions and initiatives to further close water cycles, reuse water, and recover energy, nutrients and other by-products from wastewater.

KWB and 15 project partners will promote water reuse as a new element in the water management in the BSR to make water supply more climate-resilient.

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