Finding appropriate water management practices to navigate our changing environment is a shared responsibility

February 3, 2022

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The environment we live in is fast-changing. Ongoing climate change, growing global populations and the intensification of economic activities increase the demand for global water supply. To safeguard water supply now and in the future, we have to change course. New insights, innovations and valorisation of appropriate solutions are needed to put ourselves on track to manage our water resources in this changing environment.

Collaborative action coupled with inter- and cross-disciplinary water management is required to stimulate innovation and deliver new and exciting technologies and integrated solutions. Through this action across the water value chain, we can improve processes, strategies, and water management practices.

Sustainable water management practice

Finding appropriate water management practices to address the pressures is a shared responsibility. Research and innovation is often scattered among global researchers, utilities, and solution providers. We can learn a lot from one another. Therefore, it is relevant to centralise knowledge, expertise and experiences on applied research, novel business models and know-how. At a minimum, we should ensure that this knowledge is accessible. By doing so, a better informed and sustainable water management practice now and in the future will be reached.

To this purpose, KWR’s Joint Research Programme (BTO) and Watershare have launched a webinar series on ‘Sharing International Experiences on Water Supply’.

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