Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference

17-21 November 2024

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Gold Coast, Australia

The Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference (NRR 2024) aims to showcase novel approaches and provide a platform for water professionals to share cutting-edge technologies and invocations in achieving a sustainable water future. South East Queensland has a very active circular economy movement, and we will be able to leverage local experiences to demonstrate the closure of the economy around water, nutrients and biosolids. Australian government and utilities have also pledged to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050 or earlier.

The circular economy and net-zero emission will be a key pillar of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics programme, and NRR 2024 will be an opportunity to position some of the early thinking of these internationally significant outcomes. This conference will provide a roadmap for nutrient removal and recovery, provide opportunities and new ideas for those in the waste management and wastewater sector.

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