IWA Regional Membrane Technology Conference

18-21 June 2024

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Palermo, Italy

The IWA Regional Membrane Technology Conference (IWA-RMTC 2024) deals with the main and advanced topics related to membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment (e.g., novel membrane materials and configurations, energy recovery from water and wastewater, fouling mechanisms and control, membrane process development and optimization, drinking water and wastewater treatment, desalination, etc.) by focusing the attention on the interrelationship among the entire water cycle, environment, and society.

The IWA-RMTC 2024 will be organized jointly with the International Conference on Wider-Uptake of Water Resource Recovery from Wastewater Treatment (ICWRR 2024). ICWRR 2024 is the final event of the 4-year EU project: Achieving Wider-Uptake of water smart solutions (Wider-Uptake).

IWA-RMTC 2024 and ICWRR 2024 will be the perfect match to create a forum for promoting the discussion amongst scientists, professionals and academia on membrane technology and resource recovery.

For more information visit icwrr2024.org.