Watershare Strategic Meeting Review (29-30 June 2020): a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the water sector

The Watershare anual meeting 2020 was a digital meeting

Over the two-day Strategic Meeting held on June 29-30, 2020, a group of 36 Watershare members came together to share, exchange, co-define and co-create ideas, projects and future possibilities for the community.

New members introduced their work and expertise and shared what they can bring to the community and what they expect to find. As a group, we used Mural as a digital tool for brainstorming and understanding each member’s expectations, ideas and priorities for opportunities and engagement.

Collaboration to steer innovation and  implementation and knowledge exchange (tools, experts, resources) were the main topics mentioned. More specifically, members recognised that we can create added value for both research and society through joint research on COVID-19. By capitalising on the current momentum across countries, Watershare can deliver solutions (protocols, methodologies, research data and exchange of expertise) for COVID-19 and virus control in general.