Watershare Annual Meeting 2019

The Watershare General Assembly  (GA) Annual Meeting was held in Yokohama on 12 July 2019, back-to-back with the 11th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology. The GA was attended by representatives from JWRC, KWR, KIST, PUB and WRC, and kindly hosted by JWRC.

The following items were presented and discussed at the meeting: a personal introduction by the new director, Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia; the Watershare vision (past, present and future); the status regarding new and prospective members; governance issues and suggested future changes; a review of Community of Practice (CoP) themes; and plans and actions for the next year. Also, Gerard van den Berg (KWR) gave an update on the technologies and tools developed in Watershare, and their application over the last year, and prospects for the future – e.g., project developments in Argentina and Mexico with local partners, as well as Horizon2020 projects.

Presentation by Lydia Vamvakerdou-Lyroudia.

In the afternoon presentations were made by Dr Shimazaki (National Institute of Public Health) on chemical and microbial issues in Japan and recent natural disasters, and by Prof. Arai (Tokyo Metropolitan University) on AI/IoT use for water loss control. These provided Watershare members with informed insight into current water-related challenges in Japan and research outcomes.

Marielle van der Zouwen (KWR) thanks Prof. Shinichiro Ohgaki for his support to Watershare.

Participants of the Watershare annual meeting in Yokohama.