VITO enjoys the benefits of Watershare®

VITO, as independent research organization provides innovative solutions as well as scientifically based advice and support to strengthen the economy and a better quality of life. VITO’s goal is to develop innovation into business opportunities.

Roger Dijkmans, VITO director enjoys the benefits of the  Watershare® membership. Watershare ® strongly supports the goals of VITO, he explains to the auditors at the Watershare® booth. Watershare® provides VITO with instruments for contract research,  helps in defining relevant R&D for the water sector, and gives their members access to the Watershare® community. We have experienced the advantages of working with centres of expertise in the water sector. Watershare® also strongly supports and strengthens the existing collaboration within OperAqua between Flanders water company ‘De Watergroep’ and VITO.

Watershare® has recently launched its first tool developed by VITO. Soil Leach, the tool developed within OperAqua, is a practical and successful screening tool that identifies sites that are potentially susceptible to the leaching off pollutants to groundwater. It uses simple, rapid and robust methods to calculate pollutant concentrations at a reception.