Videos give a glimpse into Watershare’s Communities of Practice

A while ago, in September 2018, we got together with many other Watershare members in Tokyo for the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition. We took advantage of the occasion to make short videos of our members working in each of the Watershare Communities of Practice. We’re happy to announce that these videos are now on the Watershare website.

During the IWA Congress, we jointly organised workshops and set up a prominent stand on the exhibition floor, where we also presented Watershare and activities with Watershare members. This strengthened our visibility to the outside world, while giving our members the opportunity to discuss and plan their activities in the Communities of Practice (CoPs).

The videos give a glimpse into the CoPs, their members and their activities. There is a video on each of the five Communities of Practice:

We invite you to watch the videos and to learn more about Watershare. Please also feel free to use the videos to introduce your colleagues and partners to Watershare: the worldwide network of water research organisations and utilities.