Value of being part of Watershare – by Diam (Oman)

‘We value the opportunity to be part of Watershare’ says Saud Al Nadabi, from Diam (Oman)

Can you please introduce your organization and field of expertise?

Diam – The Public Authority for Water is the regulator for the water sector in Oman. Besides, Diam is also a direct water service provider, responsible for supplying potable water to all homes and businesses in Oman except in the Dhofar governorate. The Public Authority for Water (Diam) was established in 2007, by the promulgation of Royal decree 92/2007. A Royal decree (58/2009) followed, defining the responsibilities and jurisdiction of the Public Authority for Water. By Royal Decree 42/2018,  the ‘Public Authority for Electricity and Water’ was replaced with the name ‘Public Authority for Water’. For more information kindly visit Diam website

With whom (other colleagues) from your organization are you taking part in Watershare?

The following colleagues are part of my team:

Said Albusaidi Diam – PAM – Asset management
Suliman Al Harrasi Diam – PAM – Strategic project
Suliman Al Amri Diam – PAM –  Strategic project
Abdulhakeem Al Dhohli Diam – PAM – Master Planning
Sumaya Al Khoudhori Diam – PAM –  Water Asset ( GIS )
Moosa Al Hosni Diam – PAM –  Hydraulic  modeling
Lila Al Issai Diam – Operation ( water quality )

What can you bring to Watershare and what are you looking for?

We believe that, as Oman has different environment and topography, we can face new and different challenges leading to new research opportunities. We are looking forward to collaborating with Watershare members to overcome some chronic issues or improving the existing system.

What are you proud of?

We are proud to work with Watershare and its members. We are looking forward to implementing some projects.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for Waterhare in 2020-2021?

We see communication and training as the biggest challenge for the coming years.

What are your ambitions as a Watershare member?

Our ambitions are twofold:

  1. To do more research in the water sector and set up a joint research and development team (R&D team)
  2. Set up a joint lab for all members (water quality, material labs, methodology, validation)

Coronavirus/Virus research: What opportunities do you see for Watershare members?

Watershare members can collaborate on virus research and hence benefit from eachothers knowledge.