Third Annual assembly: progress in 2015, ambitions for 2016

During the third annual assembly of Watershare®, hosted by KWR on 11 and 12 December, eleven members presented their 2015 progress and their ambitions for the next year. The presentations resulted in a number of potential activities to be carried out in the year 2016.

Opportunities for joint projects, suggestions to improve existing Watershare® tools and to develop new ones, a workshop on resource recovery for which there was interest among six members, Watershare® presentations to be held at international conferences, and collaboration between member laboratories.

On the first day of the assembly several workshops were held on topics of joint interest to the members:

  1. water distribution and asset management;
  2. emerging substances in the water cycle;
  3. sustainable urban water management.

The workshops also resulted in identification of several opportunities for collaboration. A full list of all opportunities identified is available (send an email to

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