Summary of 2nd Watershare Strategic Meeting on Sewage Surveillance COVID19

During the 2nd Strategic Meeting hosted on October 21st, 2020, Watershare members came together to discuss the latest research and insights on sewage surveillance from across the globe and to plan for the future beyond the pandemic.

Part 1:

Eau de Paris and KTH Sweden shared their insights and latest research on COVID19, focusing on national sewage surveillance programs at home and abroad: France, Sweden and Bangladesh.

Experience from Sweden by KTH

Eau de Paris also shared their insights

Part 2:

During the second part of the meeting, members explored opportunities to collaborate on sewage surveillance further, through knowledge sharing and co-creation.

We shared the survey results, which showed that members most wanted to collaborate on the following with regards to sewage surveillance:

  • Knowledge co-production
  • Regional Hubs for Sewage Surveillance
  • Quality assurance of methodologies

We heard from experts on these different concepts that could be explored across Watershare members to build on the current science-to-practice and decided how these could fit into Watershare activities. Members discussed and shared ideas of how we could put these ideas into practice and define the next steps.