SETAC 2021 (online) – Session on The role of sewage surveillance in living with Covid-19: from wastewater data to public health decisions

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, sewage surveillance to monitor the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 at the population level has been implemented in an increasing number of countries and cities across the globe.

In this dedicated session we will discuss topics such a:

  1. the development and/or implementation of new analytical techniques for the monitoring of microbiological (e.g., pathogens) and chemical (e.g., biomarkers) parameters in wastewater for surveillance purposes;
  2. National and international monitoring campaigns and their planning;
  3. Modelling and improved interpretation of sewage-based data (e.g., inference models, sewage network modelling, population dynamics, forecasting and (big)data science);
  4. Integration of sewage surveillance with clinical and epidemiological data;
  5. Integration with public health practice, policy and decision making;
  6. Ethics and communication of sewage surveillance.

Registrations will open from October 7 and additional information about the conference and this session (which will be part of track session 7 – Think-outside-the-box) will be available on the SETAC 2021 website.

If you are interested to submit an abstract or for more information, please contact Lisa Andrews, Watershare Engagement Manager,