Logging into the new Watershare® site.

To login to the new Watershare® site you need to reset your password; because your password is secured we cannot reset it for you. Resetting your password is easy to do.

Go to www.watershare.eu and click top-right on “Sign in to Watershare®”. Enter your username in the “Username” field, as you have always done. If you have forgotten your username, enter “unknown”. Leave the “Password” field empty. Click on “Log In”.

A new screen will open with the message: “ERROR: The password field is empty.” Below, you will see the message: “Lost your password?”. Click on this link. Here you can enter the e-mail address or username you use for Watershare®. You will now be sent an e-mail with which you will set your new password.
Click on the link in the e-mail, or copy it to your browser. You can now enter your new password. You will immediately be given an indication of your password’s security level. Once you have precisely entered your new password twice, click on “Reset Password”. You will now see the message: “Your password has been reset. Log in.” Click below on “Back to Watershare®”. Now you can login top-right with your new information.

No e-mail received?

If you don’t receive an e-mail, check your spam folder. If you can’t find the e-mail, or you don’t know what e-mail address Watershare® has for you, then contact our brand manager, Idsart Dijkstra. Describe the problem as clearly as possible, so that we can help you quickly.