IWA Tokyo 2018: key event for Watershare

On 16-21 September the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will be held in Tokyo. Watershare will be present on that important international podium of the water sector.

In 2012 we launched Watershare at the IWA Congress & Exhibition in Busan, South Korea. In 2014, Watershare was principal sponsor of the IWA Congress in Lisbon, and at the 2016 IWA Congress in Brisbane the first Watershare CoPs were introduced. This year in Tokyo, the focus will be entirely on the five CoP themes:

  1. Subsurface Water Solutions
  2. Emerging Substances
  3. Future-Proof Water Infrastructures
  4. Resource Recovery & Upcycling
  5. Resilient Urban Water Management

Watershare’s 2018 contribution consists of a stand – in the familiar Watershare green-white house style – and a large number of workshops and presentations by Watershare members in the congress (see details in the table below).

The Watershare stand provides a platform for all members and CoPs to show their work on the Watershare themes and to meet other water sector professionals from all over the world. Besides its stand and congress activities, Watershare will organise a couple of side events, about which we will keep you posted.

Watershare themeWatershare partnersDate Subject
Emerging SubstancesES CoP MembersMonday 17 September, workshopAbatement Options for Emerging Substances in the Watercycle
Resilient Urban Water ManagementKWB, CTM, NTUA, SWWA/IVL, UBath, KIST, WRC, KWRMonday 17 September, 90- minute workshopTowards a Next Generation of Water Systems and Services for the Circular Economy
Emerging SubstancesGWRC, KWRTuesday 18 September, workshopSubsurface Water Storage: Catalyzer of Water Reuse Worldwide
Subsurface Water SolutionsKIST, KWB, WRC, NTUA, SWWA/IVL, KWRWednesday 19 September, workshopPolicy Responses To Contaminants Of Emerging Concerns In Freshwater – Taking Advantage Of New Scientific Developments
Resilient Urban Water ManagementNTUA + leading partners STOP-ITPoster presentationDeveloping a Stress-Testing Platform for Cyber-Physical Water Infrastructure
Resilient Urban Water ManagementNTUAPoster presentationFuture-Proofing Urban Water Systems Under Uncertainty: A Resilience Assessment Approach
Emerging SubstancesUSQ, KTH, KWR, Dutch utilitiesPoster presentationArsenic Removal from Drinking Water by Advanced Oxidation – Coprecipitation – Filtration (AOCF)
Emerging SubstancesUSQ, KTH, KWR, Dutch utilitiesPlatform presentationArsenic Removal to <1 Ug/L by Coprecipitation With In-Situ Generated Fe(III) Precipitates With and Without Pre-Oxidation
Resilient Urban Water ManagementKIST, JWRC, KWRPlatform presentationOvercoming the Challenges of Water, Waste and Climate Change in Asian Cities
Future-Proof Water InfrastructuresSWWA, JWRC, KWRPlatform presentationBeyond Pipe Failures Data in Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands: Enabling Cross-National Comparison, Analysis and Action