io Solutions silver member Watershare®

io Solutions silver member Watershare

io Environmental Solutions R&D CI at Istanbul Turkey has just become Silver Member of the Watershare® family. The agreement was signed today by managing partner and ITU professor dr. Erdem Görgün and KWR CEO prof.dr. Wim van Vierssen. KWR is founding father of Watershare®.

Environmental Solutions was established in 2004 at the Arı Technopark of the İstanbul Technical University. With 30 engineers and 16 academics, io Solutions is aiming to produce smart solutions through coordination among different disciplines in the fields of water/wastewater management, solid waste management, river basin management, and environmental due diligence.

Erdem Görgün: “io Environmental Solutions is going to develop an efficient and effective collaboration and synergy with the other Watershare members, and we will contribute through assistance in developing new tools.”