Cranfield University new Watershare member

Cranfield University has joined Watershare. With this, Watershare expands its collaboration with a strong knowledge partner in the field of water sciences. Cranfield is a postgraduate British university, with world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and industry partnerships in technology and management research. Cranfield Water Science Institute specializes in water and wastewater treatment, water and sanitation in the developing world, water for agriculture and catchment management, as well as the human and governance aspects of water services.

Cranfield University is of particular value to Watershare due to its expertise in water infrastructure and resilience. Researchers will share knowledge and develop tools within the Watershare Community of Practice (CoP) on Resilient Urban Water Management. Likewise, for Cranfield University, collaboration within Watershare provides an excellent opportunity to apply expertise in practice and to expand the global network. ‘We’re excited to work with Watershare partners, among others in the Resilient Urban Water Management CoP,’ says Heather Smith of Cranfield University. ‘Cities like Cape Town, and now Chennai, have really highlighted the severe challenges that urban water managers can face. Through the Watershare CoP, we hope there will be opportunities to develop practical insights that can help us move towards more resilient urban water systems.’

This Watershare membership is part of an ongoing collaboration on resilience water governance between Cranfield Water Science Institute and KWR, which also involves the reciprocal appointments of Heather Smith as a guest researcher at KWR, and Jos Frijns as a visiting fellow at Cranfield.

Heather Smith, Jos Frijns, Dragan Savic and Marielle van der Zouwen.

Heather Smith, Jos Frijns, Dragan Savic and Marielle van der Zouwen.