Contenders for IWA-Watershare Best Practices on Resource Recovery Award announced

IWA-Watershare Best Practices on Resource Recovery Award 2017

A total of eleven new Best Practices on Resource Recovery from eight different countries applied for the 2017 IWA-Watershare AWARD. Details of the new contenders are now available on the Watershare website.

The new best practices from water reuse, both industrial and potable water reuse are:

  1. Banka Bioloo. Bioloos – Sustainable Sanitation and Water Recovery in India (India)
  2. Istanbul Technical University. Integrated water recovery and reuse in a metal finishing industry (Turkey)

The new best best practices on energy recovery from the water cycle are:

  1. Empresa Pública das Águas Livres, S.A. Guia’s WWTP 0% – 100% Energy Self-sufficient (Portugal)
  2. Maynilad Water Services, Inc. Maynilad Energy management System (Philippines)

The new best practices on recovery of components from water, e.g. iron sludge recovery from drinking water production and struvite production from wastewater are:

  1. Aqua Minerals. Production of coagulant from iron sludge: successful in manure processing (Netherlands)
  2. CirTec BV. Cellvation: recovery and re-use of cellulose from sewage (Netherlands)
  3. Dubai Municipality. Integrated Fat, oil and grease waste recycling program under PPP Model to improve the performance of sewer networks/pumping stations/treatment plants (Dubai)
  4. Lenzing AG. Synergy integration of zinc recovery and sulfate removal in a wastewater stream of viscose fiber production (Austria)

The new best practices which are cases that show an integrated, holistic approach are:

  1. Maynilad Water Services, Inc. Maynilad Carbon Sequestration Program “Plant for Life” (Philippines)
  2. Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. OMZET Amersfoort: waste water treatment as energy and mineral recovery utility (Netherlands)
  3. POSCO Engineering and Construction. Water and Energy Independent WWTP through Positive Impact Development technique for Recovering Small Water Cycle (South Korea)

The new contributions  were judged by an international evaluation committee chaired by Professor Willy Verstraete. The AWARD-winner will be announced on Monday August 7 during the IWA Resource Recovery Conference in New York City. Check the program details.

In 2015, the first Award for Best Practice on Resource Recovery from Water was granted to the chain partners Aqua Minerals, Waternet, Ardagh Glass and Desso for their successful valorisation and high-value application of calcite pellets from drinking water softening

Driven by environmental, economic, and ecological benefits, resource recovery from waste has started to draw attention worldwide. Recovering resources from water and wastewater can provide an alternative and economically viable source of resources supporting the resilience of human and natural systems under water stress. Resources from the water cycle can be water itself, energy (organic or thermal) and components such as nutrients and metals.