Chinese Pome Technology joins Watershare

On 7 July 2017, Pome Technology, which is based in the Chinese province of Jilin, became a member of Watershare, a consortium of renowned water research organisations whose ambition is to apply worldwide expertise to local water challenges. During a meeting at KWR in Nieuwegein, Pome Technology’s Chief Technology Officer, Bo Wang, and KWR’s Deputy CEO Jos Boere signed the membership agreement.

Pome Technology provides industrial energy-saving solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and data-driven technologies. Pome aims to help their customers save energy and costs, as well as improve public safety and the environment, through continuous innovation and collaboration with experts from industry and science.

Collaboration is also at the core of Watershare: the members share their research activities and results with each other, with a view to using their findings in further research applications in projects. Watershare Programme Director Theo van den Hoven notes that ‘with the membership of Pome Technology, Watershare unlocks an ambitious and resourceful region in China. This greatly contributes to the scope of the platform and the benefits for all Watershare members.’

For its part, Pome Technology will profit from the knowledge and competences of the platform’s members in the development of innovative solutions. In the words of Chief Technology Officer Bo Wang: ‘The collaboration with Watershare experts will make a great contribution to Pome’s innovative water solutions via research on key drinking water issues, such as pipeline network analysis, control and optimisation, hydraulic modelling, and leakage detection and identification. The best knowledge and innovative technologies will be transferred and applied to our customers in the drinking water sector to improve water sustainability and reduce water waste.’

Pome Technology’s Chief Technology Officer Bo Wang and KWR’s Deputy CEO Jos Boere sign the Watershare Agreement in the presence of KWR Senior Researcher Peter van Thienen and Watershare Programme Director Theo van den Hoven.