Athens Annual Meeting: the agreements

An overview of the agreements we reached with each other in Athens is shown below. Please contact Watershare’s director, Theo van den Hoven, if you would like more information.

Communities of Practice

The attendees stressed the importance of developing project outlines to facilitate cooperation among the membership. The coordinators will develop such project outlines before next January for all three priority CoPs. Knowledge exchange events such as webinars will also be organised for all CoPs.


The attendees also discussed a KWR proposal for an adjusted governance model. The proposed model reflects the evolution of Watershare from a focus on tools to one on actual collaboration on the basis of tools. The proposal was generally approved. KWR will further develop the model for a final decision.

Annual Meeting 2019

The meeting accepted the kind offer of JWRC to host the 2019 Annual Meeting in Yokohama, in connection with the 11th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology on 9-11 July.