17 September 2017: Watershare Annual Meeting

At the last Watershare Annual Meeting in Stockholm, the Water Research Commission (WRC) of South Africa kindly offered to organise the 2017 event. The 2017 Watershare Annual Meeting will therefore take place on 17 September in Pretoria, South Africa, and all Watershare members are invited.  It will offer Watershare members the opportunity to meet other members and to discuss our international cooperation.

The Watershare Annual Meeting is organised alongside the WRC Symposium, which takes place on 18 September. Watershare members are invited to attend the WRC Symposium to discuss Watershare related activities with representatives of WRC member organisations in dedicated symposium sessions.

All Watershare members will be sent more details about registration for the Annual Meeting by email. Don’t hesitate to contact Bianca van der Wolf if you need more information.

We hope to meet all our members on 17 September in Pretoria!