Sensing vegetation for soil and water

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Sensing Soil is a user-friendly programme which, for each vegetation plot, makes a calculation of factors like groundwater levels, soil acidity and soil nutriet fertility . The results allow you not only to draw reliable conclusions about the landscape, but to monitor the impact of measures on the landscape. The tool can also be used to calibrate hydrological models.

Sensing Soil benefits

  • Helps in characterising the growth location
  • Can be applied to assess landscape restoration measures
  • Can be used to monitor changes in the landscape
  • Is a good instrument to calibrate hydrological models

Tool Expert(s)

Flip Witte

Flip Witte

Principal scientist, KWR

+31 (0) 30 60 69 647

The plant species in vegetation provide information about their growth location. Sensing Soil translates data about species composition in vegetation plots into factors like groundwater levels, soil pH and the presence of phosphorus.

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