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Research into the origins and nature of discolouration problems shows that the major cause is the resuspension of accumulated sediments in pipes. Self-cleaning networks maintain a certain self-cleaning velocity that is attained at least once every day. At this velocity sediments are kept in suspension, thus preventing their accumulation. The Self-Cleaning Networks tool provides you with the design rules for such networks and calculates the water velocity and pressure in your design. 

Self-Cleaning Networks benefits

  • Optimal distribution network design, in terms of both quality and costs.
  • For your clients, investment savings of about 20% in new and rehabilitated networks.
  • For your clients, practically no operational (cleaning) costs.

Two prerequisites for the successful application of the design rules is a good understanding of the needs for fire flows and a close cooperation with the fire department on the matter.

Tool Expert(s)

Mirjam Blokker

Mirjam Blokker

+31 (0) 30 60 69 533

Self-cleaning networks need less maintenance and deliver cleaner water. The network lay-out and pipe dimensions produce an increase in water velocity in the pipes, thus preventing the accumulation of sediments that may cause aesthetic water quality problems.

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