Deciding which pipeline to replace when is one of the main issues for asset management of the drinking water distribution and sewage networks. Water companies use several tools and technologies in their planning for mains replacement. Various inspection tools of different complexity are available to inspect the condition of mains or the presence of leaks. PIPE-works helps asset managers in selecting the most appropriate inspection technology and in providing an overview of relevant technologies, inspection tools and implementations.


This Watershare tool is a beta version of a knowledge base on inspection technologies. The information is provided by various sources with the aim to provide asset managers with evidence based and objective information. The information is represented in three parts:

  • Descriptions of inspection technologies, this information is available from scientific publications and provided by research institutes.
  • Descriptions of inspection tools, this information is available from providers.
  • Descriptions of implementations of tools, this information is available from utilities.


A selection tool helps asset managers to select the most appropriate technology, tool or case description of an implementation. Selections can be made by filtering according to: medium (type of water), material to be inspected, diameter, maturity of the technique, type of inspection (such as: destructive, inline, continuous).

New developments that will be added soon are a discussion forum, further improvement of selection criteria and the use of visual information. Also the information on technologies, tools and implementations will be improved and further expanded. The partners in the Watershare community of Practice Future-Proof Water Infrastructure are also asked to provide input. At a later stage it will be defined which part of the knowledge base will be publically available and which part will be only visible for dedicated users.

Tool Expert(s)

Jojanneke van Vossen

Jojanneke van Vossen

+31 (0)30 606 9598