Enhanced network performance and reduced maintenance cost

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Valves are essential in drinking water distribution networks to ensure continuity of supply. OptiValves leads to an optimal valve maintenance programme over the life-cycle of a drinking water distribution network, including an improved inspection procedure per valve and a maintenance programme targeted at the most important valves in the network.

OptiValves benefits

  • Insight into how a targeted valve maintenance programme will enhance network performance and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Better understanding of how valves affect the performance of drinking water distribution systems.
  • Improved performance of the most important valves. Management support on the operational and tactical level.

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Tool Expert(s)

Mirjam Blokker

Mirjam Blokker

Principal scientist, KWR

+31 (0) 30 60 69 533

A risk-based approach, in which the probability and effects of valve failure are taken into account, leads to an optimal maintenance programme for valves and improved network performance.

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