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NOMatter is based on years of experience in on-site and lab research in removing natural organic material (NOM) under various conditions. Problems with NOM date back to the 1970s, when it was discovered that NOM is a precursor for the formation of carcinogens when chlorine is employed as a disinfectant. Moreover, NOM gives drinking water an unpleasant colour, odour and taste.

NOMatter benefits:

  • Assistance in the selection and position of NOM removal processes in existing water treatment schemes.
  • Optimal technical and economic choice for NOM removal.
  • Improved water quality, meeting standards.


NOMatter contains a comprehensive manual on how to optimize the removal of natural organic matter from different drinking water sources, and select optimal treatment schemes.

The manual includes the selection of water quality parameters for NOM removal, such as dissolved organic matter, ultraviolet adsorption and colour. On the basis of given water quality parameters, an optimal NOM removal strategy is calculated and different treatment schemes are presented. These treatment schemes are organized according to estimated treatment cost and their optimal position, in the case of multiple treatment processes. Furthermore, additional advantages and limitations of the selected treatment processes are presented briefly.


NOMatter calculates optimal treatment schemes for the removal of NOM from different sources of drinking water, including advantages and limitations of the selected treatment processes.

NOMatter implementation steps:

  1. Information collection:
    completion of a questionnaire about the feed water quality, desired water quality and plant size.
  2. Information processing:
    the tool calculates possible scenarios for the removal of NOM, meeting the desired water quality (related to NOM).
  3. Results presentation:
    the tool presents optimal treatment schemes for NOM removal ranked by estimated treatment cost.
  4. Context:
    the additional advantages and limitation of selected treatment processes are presented.


There are several forms of support available to ensure that you optimize your use of the NOMatter tool, and that you are updated on all the latest developments. Specifically, you can make use of the following options to suit your particular situation:

  • A short introductory course on the NOMatter tool for you and your clients.
  • A more elaborate course, if you want to broaden your knowledge of natural organic matter.
  • Expanded or modified NOMatter functionalities to create tailored solutions.
  • Consultancy services, including technical process management.
  • Access to NOMatter-related projects or research.


Mentioned in: 6 Publications
Enrolled in: 2 Cases in 1 Country

Tool Expert(s)

Emile Cornelissen

Senior scientific researcher , KWR

+31 (0) 30 60 69 538

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