Visualization and interpretation of groundwater dynamics

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Hydrogeological data constitute an enormous and largely unexploited potential source of information. Tapping this potential requires proper data management, analysis and modelling tools. Groundwater Monitor will allow hydrogeologists to get the most out of their groundwater data, while minimizing the effort and costs of the process.

Groundwater Monitor benefits

Efficient data processing and reliable, validated data. Data form the basis of every analysis, model or research, and, as such, their proper management is crucial. Flexible and clear analyses and visualizations. These are not only useful to assess the quality of the data themselves, but also to gain understanding of the structure and functioning of the system from which they originate. Evidence-based, parsimonious results and conclusions. As the time series model structure is transparent and contains a minimum of assumptions, the results and conclusions are generally accurate and clear.

Tool Expert(s)

Jos von Asmuth

Jos von Asmuth

Scientific researcher and content manager Menyanthes, KWR

+31 (0) 30 60 69 512

Flexible and clear analyses and visualizations provide insight into the effects of groundwater interventions and make possible the efficient and clear management of data.

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