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Despite the many solutions and technologies available, most cities and organisations are not ready to face the challenges concerning water, waste and climate change. The application of the available knowledge and technologies is often inhibited by one or more barriers. Governance capacity is essential to overcome these barriers and realize integrated solutions that enable long-term resilience. The Governance Capacity Analysis tool bundles existing scientific knowledge into a practical assessment, which identifies the barriers and provides the tool’s users with the most effective solution pathways and strategic assistance to address the water challenges they face.


  1. A clear and easily understood translation of state-of-the-art scientific insights into an applied approach to tackle the tool user’s specific challenges.
  2. Quick, independent and interactive identification of opportunities to increase the problem-solving capacity of water managers.
  3. Access to an extensive network of experts and practitioners to address the identified priorities and solution pathways




When a city or organisation is faced with a water challenge and chooses to use the Governance Capacity Analysis tool, we proceed through the following three stages:

  1. We conduct a literature study for each indicator to determine a preliminary score.
  2. We interview the main stakeholders of various organisations to refine the scores.
  3. The interviewees and clients can give their feedback on the preliminary scores.

Once we complete these three stages, we determine the definitive indicator scores. We then discuss in a workshop the results with the city or organisation. In the workshop(s) we jointly examine the barriers, solution pathways and follow-up steps, which are then incorporated into a report. For the elaboration of the follow-up steps we offer access to a wide range of applied knowledge within KWR, Watershare and beyond. In doing so, we help cities and organisations with their strategic planning.


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The European Commission is acknowledged for funding the POWER project: within H2020-Water Under Grant Agreement No. 687809.

Tool Expert(s)

Stef Koop

+31 (0)30-6069649

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