translating groundwater levels into ecohydrological stress

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Specialized software, which is part of the Ecohydrological Stress tool, allows the user to derive and apply process-based habitat factors of soil moisture, i.e. drought stress and oxygen stress. 

These are indispensable for (climate-) robust ecohydrological impact assessments, for instance, when the Probe ecohydrological prediction model is applied. Probe predicts vegetation characteristics and the occurrence probabilities of vegetation types as functions of oxygen stress (OS) and drought stress (DS).

Ecohydrological Stress benefits

  • Calculation of drought stress and oxygen stress, which are better predictors of vegetation than are groundwater levels.
  • A good foundation for policy analysis and the assessment of adaptation measures in environmental management.

Tool Expert(s)

Ruud Bartholomeus

Ruud Bartholomeus

Scientific researcher, KWR

+31 (0) 30 60 69 530

The ecohydrological habitat factors drought stress and oxygen stress are better predictors of vegetation than, for example, average groundwater levels. They can be used for policy analysis and to assess adaptation measures in environmental management.

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