A ten-step plan towards healthy, taste- and odour-free water

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Imagine drinking healthy water from the tap without the distinct taste and odour of chlorine. In the Netherlands, we have decades of experience in this, and Dutch citizens are very satisfied with the quality of their drinking water. Safely doing without the chlorine residual is possible when treatment and distribution meet strict stability and reliability conditions. Chlorine Free gives you insight into these conditions and into the process of doing without the residual.

Chlorine Free benefits

  • Insight into the process of attaining chlorine-free drinking water through its ten-step plan.
  • Support for decision-making in implementing the complex programme aimed at dispensing with residual disinfectants.

Tool Expert(s)

Ralph Beuken

Ralph Beuken

+31(0)30 606 9758

Customers greatly appreciate drinking tap water that does not have the distinct taste and odour of chlorine. Ten steps are required to reach high customer satisfaction in this regard.

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