ReCirc Singapore: Joint development of resource recovery technology for circular economy

Thirteen Dutch organisations initiated the ReCirc Singapore consortium to explore circular solutions in the fields of sludge and waste processing and resource recovery, both in Singapore and the Netherlands.

The cooperation focuses on pragmatic solutions, more applied R&D, business development and cross sectorial collaboration. ReCirc Singapore is a public-private partnership (PPP) between business, government, civil society organizations and knowledge institutions.


  • Water utility: Waternet
  • National public work authority: Rijkswaterstaat
  • Companies: Witteveen+Bos, Nijhuis Industries, Inashco, Paques, CirTec, Asia Pacific Breweries, Heineken, Organic Village and Upp! UpCycling Plastic.
  • Research institutes: AMS institute with Delft University of Technology & WUR and KWR.