PU:REST – Sweden’s first beer brewed with recycled water

IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has for several years been working with technologies that will make it possible to reuse wastewater.

Using the right combinations of technologies, wastewater can be recycled both cost-effectively and to such quality that it can be returned to groundwater or reused in agriculture and industry. However, the strategy of reusing treated wastewater as a natural part of water resource management is relatively new, and is still regarded by many countries, including Sweden, as a solution that is some way off in the future. In order to challenge producers and consumers preconceived notions about wastewater, and to acknowledge that wastewater can be part of the solution in the future we decided to brew a beer based on the wastewater from Stockholm’s residents.

The project is a collaboration between IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, New Carnegie Brewery and Carlsberg Sweden.

More informationhttps://www.ivl.se/english/startpage/top-menu/pressroom/press-releases/press-releases---arkiv/2018-05-24-swedens-first-beer-brewed-with-recycled-water.html


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