Freshkeeper to counteract salinization of water wells.

Well field Noardburgum, the Netherlands, was abandoned in 1993 because of salinization of the water wells due to upconing of saline groundwater. The Freshkeeper concept, designed on paper in the 2000s, can provide a solution: intercept and dispose intruding saline groundwater to safeguard freshwater wells. Two fully integrated Freshkeeper pilots have been producing 70 m3 /h freshwater since 2009 and 2014 in the Noardburgum well field. Saline groundwater, that before was upconing into the freshwater aquifer, is intercepted and then injected (disposed) into a deeper aquifer. Preparations are made for full-scale implementation of the Freshkeeper and reopening of the well field in 2018, to produce 2 million m3 of freshwater per year.

Partners: Vitens Water Supply, De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek

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