Freshkeeper: Safeguard drinking water production from Floridan aquifers

The Town of Belleair (Pinellas Peninsula, Florida) produces an average 1.1 MGD drinking water from groundwater extracted from the Upper Floridan Aquifer System. The Town is concerned over the future water quality of its well field: seawater intrusion is occurring and has caused steep increases in salinity levels of the wells closest to the Gulf of Mexico since early 2000s. A feasibility study appointed Freshkeeper as most sustainable and cost-efficient solution to safeguard drinking water supply in Belleair, above alternatives like switching to brackish water desalination or closure of the well field. Freshkeeper holds a three step approach: (1) interception of the intruding saline water, preventing salinization of the freshwater wells, (2) desalination of the intercepted saline water, providing an additional freshwater production, (3) disposal of the membrane concentrate in lower, more saline aquifers.

Other partners: Arcadis, Town of Belleair, Southwest Florida Water Management District