Dinteloord – ASR enables water reuse

Dinteloord, the Netherlands, is a 3 km2 greenhouse horticulture area under development, with a predicted high water demand which cannot be fully supplied by precipitation in dry years. To meet the water demands, treated wastewater from a nearby sugar factory (sugar beets) is to be stored in a shallow brackish sandy (unconsolidated) aquifer, and recovered in dry years for irrigation. A pilot cycle including injection, storage, and recovery is planned to start in Autumn 2014, financed by the Dutch Topsector Water. The Dinteloord market replication allows for demonstration of the use of extensively treated wastewater for ASR and up-scaling of the Nootdorp/Westland reference pilots to large-scale facilities.

Specific characteristics of the Dinteloord replication, which feed the SWS Knowledge Base and Toolkit include:

Embedment of this pilot in SUBSOL allows us to continue operation and monitoring after the first ASR cycle (2015 onwards) and thus prolonged testing the ASR efficiency under varying hydrological conditions. We can thus validate the long-term applicability of the Dinteloord replication, and build trust with the local end-users.

The running ASR-Coastal reference pilots Nootdorp/Westland are both small to medium sized. Modeling studies have shown that the efficiency of ASR-Coastal systems may increase even further when applied at larger scale, with larger volumes of fresh water injected and temporarily stored. The Dinteloord replication allows for first time field testing of large-scale ASR-Coastal facilities.

The current ASR-Coastal reference sites use harvested rainwater for ASR. Dinteloord will use extensively treated (industrial) wastewater. This will be a third “new” water source tested in a SWS market replication, after agricultural drainage water at Falster Island and (potentially) polluted groundwater and surface water at Schinias. Through these and the Dinteloord replication, we will set further steps of integrating novel treatment technologies and SWS.

The Dinteloord replication is the first to reuse industrial wastewater for (in this case) irrigation purposes. This market replication thus adds to the SPIRE-PPP objective to accelerate water resource efficiency in the process industry, by making cross-links between agriculture and industry. pTA sessions will support the cross linkage process through scenario development , discussions, and trust building.