Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector

Europe’s water resources are increasingly under stress, and this situation has encouraged more active consideration of alternative water sources as a strategic option to supplement water supplies and protect natural resources.

However, the ability of Europe’s communities of taking advantage of water reuse opportunities is restricted by low public confidence, inconsistent approaches to evaluating costs and benefits of reuse schemes, and poor coordination of the professionals who design, implement and manage them.The DEMOWARE project aims to bring together public authorities, regulators, water utilities and companies, the research community and the public to generate and share knowledge on innovative water reuse schemes.

The project aims to promote the implementation of water reuse schemes at European level through technology, governance, business and the creation of the European water reuse association.

Development of 10 water reuse projects using different water reclamation technologies.

DEMOWARE demonstrated the feasibility and cost effectiveness of innovative water treatment technologies and reuse scheme operations.