Dealing with leakage losses in South Africa

In 2015 the City of Cape Town (CCT) started with the CFPD method, which is implemented in Watershare’s Network Flow Performance tool. The CFPD method was developed by KWR to analyse flow data for drinking water networks in order to identify and quantify changes and interpret these in terms of population growth, leakage, water theft, etc.

CFPD stands for Comparison of Flow Pattern Distributions: a method which allows for the easy detection and quantification of changes in water demand. The method can also provide information on the possible causes for water demand fluctuations. Water companies in South Africa struggle with big leakage losses. Moreover, they have to deal with societal issues, such as migration into the cities, a strongly increasing demand for water, and so-called “informal settlements” with public or shared tap points. The CFPD method, which is implemented in the Watershare Network Flow Performance tool, can, among others, play a role in distinguishing legitimate water demand from leakage losses.

Because of the CFPD method’s potential in South Africa, Evides International’s Center of Expertise in South Africa wants to start up a showcase on its implementation. The showcase will apply the method in six pilots with local partners, after which training material for the method’s local implementation will be developed.