Bath’s City Blueprint

Bath’s water cycle management was – as part of the David Parkin and Global Chair Visiting Professorship and supported by Watershare partner WIRC – assessed according to the City Blueprint methodology.


The City of Bath is a historical city dating back to the Roman age and situated in the narrow valley of the river Avon. The geographical setting makes the city vulnerable to heavy downpours in the city and upstream of the river. The city’s sewer system is relatively old and requires substantial augmentation in order to reduce flood risk and reduce water pollution due to combined sewer overflows.

Due to its historical urban design, the city is densely populated and therefore has a low share of green infrastructure which reduces the water storage capacity. Therefore the city would gain much by smartly embracing a sustainable urban drainage system approach.

Wastewater treatment is sophisticated, in particular since all the wastewater is treated with energy and nutrient recovering techniques according to the principles of the circular economy.

Finally, Bath is also one of the most water conservative cities in Europe and has advanced action plans to implement climate adaptive measures.