WASS helps to select a number of possible waste water treatment techniques

The Waste Water Treatment Selection System (or WASS) is a decision-support tool that helps in the initial screening of possible techniques for the treatment of industrial waste water.

WASS was developed by the BAT knowledge centre of VITO (The Flemish Institute for Technological Research). The tool helps in finding possible combinations of treatment techniques to solve a particular waste water problem. The influent can be characterized by the user with respect to the presence of interfering substances, concentrations of pollutants and the desired degree of removal.

The objective of WASS is not to automatically propose the Best Available Techniques (BAT), but rather to select a number of possible waste water treatment techniques. For this purpose, a global environmental and economic assessment, and a more specific analysis of the techniques is needed. WASS also contains fact sheets with the technical descriptions of 42 waste water treatment techniques.

WASS is now available in de Watershare Suite >>
More information: an.derden@vito.be