6 New Watershare tools

We are proud to present six new tools in the Watershare(R) Suite. This brings our total to 23 tools.

  1. ASR Performance Assessor: Regional estimation of potential ASR performance using a GIS analysis of the underground and two model-based performance estimation methods.
  2. BioStab: Provides diagnosis of the treatment processes underlying the failure to produce biological stable water, and advice on how to improve the treatment train for the production of biological stable water.
  3. Cyano Control Guidance: Decision support tool that guides the user to a possible solution for getting rid of nuisance cyanobacterial blooms in surface waters.
  4. eDNA: Library of DNA fingerprints of aquatic organisms, allowing rapid assessment of ecological status of surface waters (e.g., for Water Framework Directive).
  5. SewScan: Assessment of use of illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals by the population in connection with an individual wastewater treatment plant.
  6. Well Clogging Risk Index: Based on groundwater quality data, this tool calculates the risk of well clogging due to chemical or physical processes over an average lifetime of 50 years.

N.b.: Only the contact persons at the Watershare® member organisations can grant access to the tool(s) — or trial versions of the tool(s), depending on the membership type — to colleagues within their organisation.