AbatES, new tool available in the Watershare® suite

The Watershare® partners KWR and VITO have participated, together with 8 water utilities, water boards, research institutes and universities from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK in the European Interreg project TAPES.

The major outcomes of TAPES, which was coordinated by the Dutch water cycle company Waternet, have been shared during a policy oriented conference organized in Brussels on September 24, 2015. Interviews with relevant stakeholders in the field of emerging substances and TAPES participants are presented in a glossy magazine.

TAPES aimed at developing and sharing knowledge on emerging substances in the water cycle. A major deliverable of TAPES is the Decision Support System AbatES for managing emerging substances in the water cycle. AbatES provides the user with substance information through factsheets, but the user also has the opportunity to upload own monitoring results.

AbatES is now available in the Watershare® suite.

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