Subsurface Water Solutions

Balancing water supply and demand, boosting water reuse

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Participants of the IWA World Water Congress in Tokyo about the importance of working on subsurface water solutions and water reuse.
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Partners in the EU project SUBSOL about subsurface water solutions

Subsurface storage of alternative water resources can contribute to balancing water supply and demand, while also increasing water reuse. The applicability of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and other subsurface water solutions has increased dramatically over the last few years thanks to innovations in pre-treatment, water well design, and groundwater modelling and management – all verified in recent pilots and full-scale applications.

In the Subsurface Water Solutions Community of Practice we share scientific and practical experiences, encompassing rural and urban challenges, centralized and decentralized water systems, exploitation of different source waters, operational challenges, policies and regulations. We co-create operational tools to overcome existing knowledge gaps and make this knowledge available through our SWS Knowledge Environment.

Subsurface water solutions introduce a new way of thinking in water resources management and provide practical answers for freshwater challenges faced by farmers, utilities, industry and cities.